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Air Parts & Supply Company (APSCO) specializes in the distribution of aircraft ignition and fuel control parts for turbine engines.

59 Years
1959 - 2018
Factory Authorized Distributor for Honeywell International, APC/Skurka Aerospace, & The BG Service Company

The BG Service Company Ignition Products

As a Factory Authorized Distributor for The BG Service Company, APSCO provides aftermarket turbine leads for GE, Pratt & Whitney, Westinghouse, Allison. . . Ground Applications.  BG is a leading designer and manufacturer of cable assemblies and connecting devices for gas turbine engines.
BG ignition products have been world-renowned for over 75 years and have a well-established reputation for providing the exceptional reliability so necessary in today's industrial-oilfield applications.  BG products are manufactured with exceptional care to extremely precise tolerances to assure maximum consistency in performance and long-term reliability.

Turbine Igniter & Control Leads

BG Turbine Igniter & Control Lead  Image

GE, Pratt & Whitney, Westinghouse, Allison, etc. Ground Applications

  • All ARP670 typ "M" terminals available.  Type "F" terminals can be custom designed upon request.  Brazed or swaged conduit construction.
  • 100 psi pressure testing available for brazed conduits.  Electric contacts available in standard spring type or exotic materials (tungsten, berylium-copper, etc.).
  • Standard insulation materials are alumina ceramic and premium electrical grade Teflon®.
  • Reconditioning services and spare part kits for BG turbine leads are available.  Contact APSCO for more info.
  • See the BG Part Number Interchange Guide for standard models or contact APSCO for custom design.

BG Part Number Interchange Guide

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ARP670 Type 3M

ARP670 Type 3M Image

ARP670 Type 5M

ARP670 Type 5M Image

ARP670 Type 1M

ARP670 Type 1M Image